Have You Always Wanted To Run a 5K, But Didn't Know Where to Start?

Do You Want To Get Fit, Crush Your Goals, And Help Out An Amazing Organization?

Prodigy Fitness is excited to partner with Fleet Feet Pleasanton to put on an amazing event to help you get out, get active, and crush your fitness goals in 2021. Probably one of the coolest things about this program is while you work on becoming the best you possible, you are helping empower young girls to rise out of poverty through sports and education.

All proceeds from this program will go to benefit Girls Soccer Worldwide, a 501C3 non-profit organization, and their mission of empowering girls to rise out of poverty through sports and education.

Our 5k For A Cause Program starts May 31st!

Here's what's included:

Normally, a program like this would cost you $500.00!

But! We want to help you RESET, RECHARGE, and CRUSH your fitness goals in 2021.

Which is why we are offering an early bird price of $125.00

(remember, all proceeds will be donated to Girls Soccer Worldwide)

Not a runner?

No worries! If you are someone who has never ran before but always wanted to, than this program is for you. Fleet Feet, the local experts in running, has put together two 5K running groups for you to choose from. A 5K "FINISH" and a 5K "FAST". The 5K "FINISH" program is designed with the beginner in mind. Work at your own pace for 6 weeks leading up to the completion of a 5K!

Are you a runner looking for a challenge?

If you are an avid runner looking for a challenge and someone who wants to help out an amazing organization, than this program is for you. The 5K "FAST" program is designed with setting a personal record (PR) in mind. Push yourself for 6 weeks with the goal of setting a 5k PR!


We feel that this is a win - win - win!

You win because you get to help out an amazing organization, while getting fit and crushing a 5K.

Girls Soccer Worldwide wins because, with your help, they will be able to empower more girls to reach their full potential!

And Fleet Feet and Prodigy Fitness win because we get to fulfill our mission of transforming more lives in the Tri-Valley.

As a company philosophy, you will never find us playing the "numbers game." QUALITY is our NUMBER ONE priority. Because of this, we are limiting this program to the first 15 people who apply. SO DON'T WAIT! Take advantage of this AMAZING opportunity to get fit, meet some pretty awesome people, help out a great organization, and CRUSH a 5K!