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Are You Ready to Lose Weight, Get Stronger, and Have More Energy in 6 Weeks... Guaranteed!

Give us 6 weeks and we will have you feeling younger, healthier and happier than ever. Starting September 12th!
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    Start Your Fitness Journey September 12th!

    Here's What You Get:

    ✓ 6 Weeks of Small Group Training Sessions so you can get stronger, build lean muscle and gain energy at half the cost of hiring a personal trainer

    ✓ Unlimited Fat Blast Classes to help rev up your metabolism so you continue to burn fat even when your are not working out.

    ✓ A Customized Fat Loss Nutrition Program so you will have certainty that you’re eating the right type and amount of food at the right times of the day

    ✓ 6 Weeks of Accountability Coaching to keep you on track with your fitness nutrition, lifestyle, and sleep goals

    ✓ Bring a Friend to Train With You Along the Way! We understand the importance of a built in accountability buddy. Do you have a friend in mind? Bring them with you to ensure you are both successful!


    What do people say about us?

    • Prodigy Fitness is a friendly welcoming gym. Each member is given a new individualized workout approximately every four weeks (depends how often member goes). The owner, coaches and members are all nice, helpful, and encouraging.  There are also group classes.  I have never felt comfortable going to any gym until I joined Prodigy.  I love accomplishing my goals at Prodigy!

      Jamie R
    • Great, welcoming environment with very fun and diverse people. Lots of flexibility without any excuses! I look forward to going vs. the other gym that I dreaded. My goals are finally within reach!

      Carolyn C
    • The thing that I love about Prodigy is that they are extremely knowledgeable about not only working out but Physical Therapy. They tailored workouts for me so I was able to slowly rebuild my strength after I had broken my foot. Their workouts are great because they safely push you to your limits but not beyond; which is very important, because that differentiates them from other gyms I have been apart of before.

      Adam S
    • This place is like home away from home. The list of reasons goes on. I lost 18 pounds of fat AND gained muscle in only 6 weeks. If you are committed to changing bad habits with good ones, this is the place for you.

      Gretchen V
    • Started with Prodigy Fitness to become healthier and more fit. The coaches have been great! We sat down initially and created a personal plan. Since joining, I am down 30 pounds! I am really excited to continue pursuing my goals and living my best life!

      Kevin B