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We design personalized programs or busy adults 30 years and older who need help losing weight, getting stronger, and having more energy because we believe EVERYONE deserves to live a more active life.

Prodigy Fitness takes a personalized approach to the work we do with our clients. We aim to be the last gym you ever need with our comprehensive fitness experience. Our team of friendly and dedicated coaches are here to work with you, to help you overcome the challenges that hold you back from achieving your goals. We know you’re busy, which is why we help you make fitness a priority.


At Prodigy Fitness, you are our top priority. New clients work privately with our friendly and dedicated fitness coaches to determine the best approach to making you feel the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been in your life. Our personalized approach allows us to identify the best methods for hitting the benchmarks you want to achieve.

Additionally, we employ a team of degreed and certified fitness coaches. This ensures you have the knowledgeable and guidance you need to FINALLY crush your fitness goals. Claim your FREE No Sweat Intro to experience all that we have to offers and benefit from the first-hand, direct, and personalized attention and support we provide every member.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all cookie cutter type programs that you see at other gyms. Over the years, we’ve designed personalized program specifically for busy people just like you. From demanding jobs to active families, there’s so many reasons not to eat healthy or workout regularly. We understand these limitations and walk along side you every step of the way to help overcome them to find the most effective methods of getting you in shape and healthy.

Maybe you were a high school or college athlete? Perhaps you’ve shied away from physical activity because you were self-conscious? Your level of previous experience doesn’t matter to us! Our members run the gamut: from fitness newbies to athletic aficionados. All that matters to us is that you come to our personal training facility with an open mind, an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to trust the process.


Our personalized approach to health, fitness, and wellness incorporates simple, effective workout and nutrition recommendations into your daily routine. Every one of our members is different; they have different goals, exercise histories, aches and pains, and life stresses. And because each of our member’s are different the solutions we provide are unique and personalized to each member.

At Prodigy Fitness, our goal is to be solution to your problems that you have been looking for. We want to help you CRUSH your fitness goals. We strive to provide you with a personalized fitness experience so we become the last gym you ever join. Working with us, you’ll never need another fitness club, because our team will provide you with everything you need to get and stay healthy and fit for years to come.


We’re here to guide busy adults in the Tri-Valley who are seeking healthier, fuller lives. Whether you want to shed some extra pounds or add additional muscle mass, our friendly and knowledgeable coaches apply our personalized health and wellness approach to help you achieve your goals. With consistency, positivity and an open mind, you’ll develop the healthy habits you need to feel comfortable and confident in your body.

We believe you deserve nothing but happiness. This begins with how you care for your body. Prodigy Fitness provides the services and attention you require to achieve the lifestyle you want. Let’s work together to accomplish your goals.

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